Local Roots.

National Reach.

Expanding Across Texas and Beyond

We’ve made this city düable for 13 years, and now we’re expanding beyond our San Antonio roots to make a mark across Texas and beyond — partnering with communities from Austin to Houston, Dallas, and states far and wide. Our journey has been nothing short of incredible, thanks to our amazing team, community partners, and every one of you who supported us along the way.

Dallas TRHT

National Day of Racial Healing

Event Promotion: We helped promote their headlining event with Angela Davis by crafting a compelling narrative through graphic design. Our newsletter contributions further amplified the event’s reach, making a significant impact on the national conversation about racial healing.

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Texas Black Civic Leadership Institute

Building Networks

Website Launch: We constructed a digital space that not only attracts new members but also serves as a central hub for information and resources, strengthening the institute’s mission for social justice and leadership excellence.

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Every Texan

Texans Together for our Common Good

Branded Educational Tools: We helped launch a dual campaign with a keen focus on community unity and educational empowerment. Our efforts in the “Get Schooled” campaign brought crucial issues to the forefront, engaging a broader audience in meaningful dialogue.

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Water Hub

Building Just Infrastructure

Website Creation: We helped launch a new storytelling and art-driven initiative for our water advocacy partners at the Water Hub. This creative new platform uplifts water justice stories and policy from throughout the country.

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CommonBond Communities

Website Transformation

Cross-country Collaboration: We spearheaded the development of a new website for CommonBond Communities, emphasizing the organization’s mission in affordable housing and support services. Through a streamlined design and impactful storytelling, we are enhancing online visibility and engagement to effectively showcase their commitment to community.


PIxel Power

Crafting Digital Frontiers


Branded digital presence

Branded Educational Tools: Our targeted social media and newsletter campaigns fostered active engagement. By highlighting BRIDGE’s core mission and solidifying their visual brand, we helped them connect with their audience more effectively, setting a robust tone for the year ahead.

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Police Accountability Dashboard

CopTheData.com: We built a website to host a dynamic dashboard with detailed officer firings data. Using an optimized cloud tech stack, we provided an engaging platform for transparency and reliable data.

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City Adaptability Index Website

Promoting Public Input: We built the online presence for WGI’s self-assessment tool for cities, designed to measure their adaptability to continuous change and disruption. It offers a way to benchmark and identify areas for improvement from various perspectives in order to promote this tool to support cities in navigating the challenges of modern urban development and sustainability.

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Uniting Through Digital Empowerment

Collective Communications: In collaboration with more than 100 advocacy groups across Texas, we helped build a digital presence for Texas For All. This included launching a website for the Know Our Worth campaign built to amplify messaging guides to mobilize communities toward a Texas for All.

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Water Hub

Emphasizing Accessibility

Identifying Brand Improvements: In the process of building out new website platforms for the WaterHub, we found that their current brand did not meet WCAG standards. We did a comprehensive overhaul to update their colors and fonts and increase accessibility.

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Color of Water

Democratizing Water Advocacy

BIPOC Expert Directory: We crafted a digital platform showcasing diverse water experts from varied disciplines to amplify their voices in the water justice space. Leveraging the HubSpot API, we’ve ensured data integrity, security, and seamless updates through auto-syncing.

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Political Change Makers

Revolutionaries Welcome.

If you’re ready to break boundaries, we’re ready to help you make history. Here’s the 2023 lineup.

Jalen McKee-Rodriguez

For District 2

A Historic VictoryThrough targeted website, social media and email campaigns, we significantly amplified Jalen’s progressive agenda while enhancing his visibility and engagement with the community. His online presence contributed to his groundbreaking win without a runoff against nine opponents, marking him as the first councilperson to be re-elected in District 2 in over a decade.

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Councilmember Jalen McKee-Rodriguez
Judge Monique Diaz

150th Civil District Court

Judge Monique Diaz

Collaborating for Community:  Judge Monique Diaz’s campaign was supported by our digital strategy and production. We consulted on messaging and crafted engaging posts, dynamic graphic design, and direct to camera videos. By integrating these elements with traditional print collateral, we created a compelling narrative that resonated with voters. Our approach enhanced her visibility and helped secure a commanding win.

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Proposition A

San Antonio Justice Charter

Fighting for a Safer SA:  Despite the outcome, the Proposition A campaign catalyzed discussions on justice and policing in San Antonio. Our team built a website to combat misinformation and a digital campaign reaching over 100,000 residents of San Antonio to engage the community and influence public discourse.

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Councilmember Melissa Cabello Havrda

For District 6

Melissa Cabello Havrda

Mobilizing Voters:  Melissa Cabello Havrda’s campaign for re-election in District 6 was a showcase of digital engagement. We produced a dynamic landing page to amplify her work, created relatable videos to motivate the electorate, and used design to influence voter turnout during the campaign’s GOTV efforts. This blend of digital and direct outreach to over 10,000 voters, and was crucial in rallying support to secure her continued leadership in San Antonio politics.

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Dr. Sukh Kaur

For District 1

Deep Roots, Decisive WinLeveraging our deep-rooted connection with District 1 voters, we consulted Sukh Kaur with messaging that resonated with the community. Our support extended beyond digital and print, incorporating direct communications that informed and engaged residents, effectively positioning Sukh as the favored candidate.

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Councilmember Dr. Sukh Kaur
Constable Katherine Brown

For Precinct 4

Constable Kat Brown

Accountable Public Safety:  Our team leveraged targeted digital outreach, direct community engagement and press outreach to help Constable Kathryn Brown keep officers with a history of misconduct away from Precinct 4 leadership. Our ad campaigns reached over 11,000 residents leading to thousands of post engagements which drove a significant boost in her campaign’s digital and media presence and ultimate victory.

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Change Makers in East Texas

Este Poder

Votes for Social Impact:  Our collaboration with Este Poder amplified their voice during critical voting periods, enhancing GOTV voter engagement and participation in North Texas. Our branding, digital support and graphic design production helped boost awareness in East Texas during key election milestones.

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Judge Mary Lou Alvarez

45th Civil District Court

Judge Mary Lou Alvarez

Fighting for Families in Bexar County:  For Judge Mary Lou Alvarez’s campaign, we launched a multifaceted digital push including emails, social media, and event amplification. Our team produced compelling videos and print collateral to showcase her work and counter misinformation propagated by her opponents. Through targeted fundraising and strategic communications, we ensured the truth about her record and integrity reached voters effectively.

Dollars for Change

Fueling Progressive Movements

Fueling Progressive Movements

Empowering Change through Fundraising

Each year, Düable strategically raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients and campaigns. Our focused digital strategies translate community support into financial resources, powering initiatives that promote social justice, equity, and transformative action across communities.

Kickstarting Success

Launching Leaders: The Starter Pack

Our Starter Pack provides new non-profits and campaigns with the tools necessary for a strong start. We establish robust brands, connect with trusted donors, and foster partnerships that ensure these organizations begin with a reliable network and effective fundraising strategies.

Funding Progress

Jalen's Fundraising Team

In 2023, Jalen’s successful re-election campaign marked a significant milestone as the first in 10 years for a District 2 councilmember. Our comprehensive support included managing call times, curating donor lists, and organizing key events like the Pink Birthday fundraiser. These efforts not only secured necessary funds but also reinforced strong community connections essential for sustaining his progressive initiatives.

Bexar County Child Welfare Board

Fostering Awareness

We created, rebranded and expanded the “Care Bexars” monthly donor program, providing support for children under Child Protective Services and DFPS care in Bexar County. Our initiatives raise funds, bolster advocacy, and increase awareness about the challenges faced by foster youth. Our efforts have helped the Child Welfare Board support CPS’s annual budget through the County.