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Meet the Team

We Are Düable

Düable’s core team has deep-rooted ties that date back over 15 years.

Mohammad Rasool (Chief Innovation Officer) and Carlos Rodolfo Gonzalez (Managing Partner) were friends during their youth in Chicago, IL who would perpetually discuss aspirations of owning their own business.  Mohammad was always interested in digital design and development, having built his first commercial website for a major hotel at the age of 12.  During his years at the University of Illinois, he was tapped by numerous organizations and University departments to produce brands, print collateral and websites. Meanwhile, Carlos was working on business development and building leads in Chicago that eventually lead to contracts with prominent attorneys as well as small to medium sized businesses.  Mohammad and Carlos continued working on projects for Düable part-time while maintaining full-time jobs in the industry. Mohammad’s career path led him to work at LexisNexis Martindale Hubbel on the web marketing team alongside Brielle Insler (now Chief Creative Officer).

Enter: San Antonio

In 2010, Brielle Insler joined the team on a full-time basis, and we moved operations to San Antonio, Texas.  After testing the market with a small website, we understood that digital marketing here was a few paces behind us. With large, legacy agencies ruling advertising, we had the ability to step in and adapt to incorporate emerging technologies, which pushed us to the forefront of online communications. Since we touched down in San Antonio, we’ve had the opportunity to work with small businesses, attorneys, politicians, non-profits and government agencies. Our work ethic and passion for quality and relationships has kept our client list and pride in our work growing.


Carlos Rodolfo Gonzalez
Managing Partner

Carlos manages the relationships he fosters to make sure that his clients are happy, experience success through the services his team provides, and continue to grow their relationship with Düable. Having spent his previous years working in management positions, Carlos understands that structure is key when implementing a marketing campaign. He has worked with large brands such as Chase Bank, Target and Toyota. Understanding the people that are being served is Carlos’ number one priority and he always takes time to learn how to better communicate his client’s values to their audience.

Mohammad Rasool
Chief Innovation Officer

After graduating with a degree in History and Economics, Mohammad accepted a position as Jr. Web Designer at Lexis Nexis designing websites for attorneys.  During his time at LexisNexis, Mohammad was promoted from Jr. Web Designer to Web Designer and then to Web Producer – incorporating both web design and web development.  As Web Producer, Mohammad noticed redundancy and was given the opportunity to rectify the issue through building an automated template system.  The final product lead to over 4 million dollars in revenue within the first year.  After receiving little to no recognition for his efforts, and facing a questionable management team, Mohammad and Brielle decided to leave the company in order to build Düable’s brand full-time.


Brielle Insler
Chief Creative Officer

Brielle graduated Magna Cum Laude from Marist College with a Studio Art degree and concentrations in digital media and photography. Immediately after, she began an internship at a large animation studio in New York City, only to be hired within weeks of starting. There, Brielle worked on a Nicktoons cartoon until the series ran its course, and left to start working under a long-time NYC photographer. After about a year, Brielle decided she wanted some more practical experience in digital communications and began a 2 1/2 year position as a web designer at LexisNexis. The conveyor belt corporate culture left her creativity feeling stifled, and she and Mohammad took the opportunity to leave LexisNexis and pursue a higher-quality product for a more personally connected client base.


Let's Chat About Your Conversions

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