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A Case Study

Shale Oil & Gas

Business Magazine


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We started working with Shale Magazine shortly after they published their first handful of magazines. They wanted to increase brand recognition, readership, ad revenue and online traffic through a functional website. We created a responsive editorial website with trackable ads that function on every device, and consistently work to optimize their content for search engines and branded social outreach.


Our widgetized, image-driven website allows Shale to place what is most currently relevant front and center. We advised the client to shorten the URL to something quick and memorable: ShaleMag.com.


The latest and most-read content and media are served to the user on a dynamic home listing page.


Keyword-driven headlines and large images provide a modern, engaging experience for the user as they are driven to read the next post and more.


The article pages promote social engagement and spending more time on the site, by leading the user to more content and categories.


Clean listing pages allow the user to easily view all of the articles in each category, as an alternate view to browsing all of the articles in an issue.


On social media, we’ve expanded reach and engagement through contests, promotions and branded social posts, highlighting the topics Shale stands behind.

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