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A Case Study

Move SA



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While San Antonio was in the midst of a heated debate over the modernization of public transportation, Düable aided Move SA Forward in presenting the facts about the modern streetcar system to the general public. Although we were included in the initiative only weeks before it was struck down by a regretful city council vote, we produced an effective campaign that gained momentum in producing supporters from the ground up within days of being hired.


Move SA Forward is a local organization focused on progressing important issues pertaining to the everyday life of San Antonio residents.  At the time we began working with the board, their primary focus was on informing the public about the benefits and effects of the modern streetcar system.


We were brought onto the initiative very late in the game, but were able to deliver a full-scale campaign in less than two weeks which included a brand, style guide, modern website, social media presence as well as video testimonial production.

The website’s goal was to be as informative as possible to an audience who had already been inundated with false claims and misinformation.  We utilized a large typeface to increase legibility and directed content creation through short, targeted sentences.


Our campaign utilized minimal content, but struck at the heart of the issue bringing facts front and center.


We understand that in order to gain public approval of any initiative, it is imperative to start with support from trusted individuals.  Our website and social media campaign centered on recognized leaders in the community, displayed through text and video testimonials.msaf-5

To combat the lack of factual information understood by the general public, we generated a short quiz that was meant to teach members of our community about the facts regarding the project.  It was circulated through social media – primarily Facebook – and was very successful in garnering newfound interest in the project.


We produced numerous testimonial videos in support of the project with leading members of prominent organizations within the community.  These videos not only engaged a large number of individuals, but it also inspired a large percentage of them to share the content within their networks thereby increasing the projects reach within San Antonio.

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