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A Case Study

Diego Bernal

State Representative


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Our relationship with Diego Bernal began during his first term as District 1 Councilman and continued through his election as State Representative of District 123. Although his favor among constituents ran high, his brand was lacking and his website was non-existent. As the election for what would be Diego’s second term drew near, he called on Düable to revamp his online presence and strengthen his visual brand. We prepared him for the campaign and positioned him for any future endeavor he may take on.


We began working with Councilman Diego Bernal while he was running for re-election. Everyone was sure he would run unopposed, and his popularity made certain that was the case. He still needed a strong website to explain who he is, accept donations, and discuss the persistent issues his district was facing.


We added personal touches to the website, like his district’s “We Are 1” tagline and his legendary red Adidas sneakers.


Diego is always finding ways to give back to the community.  He traded over 750 fiesta medals for food donations to the local food bank.  In total, the event garnered over 5,000 lbs of donated food!  We taped a quick social video to display just how many people participated.



Diego is extremely integrated with his constituents and the issues that are most important to them. He has worked very hard to make a difference and we highlighted those successes with lists under three major categories.


As District 1 Councilman Diego faced tough and controversial human rights issues. He became a champion for non-discrimination and consequently drew opponents around the city, which resulted in facing a government recall. Diego called on Düable to help get his positive message out there through his website and social media to encourage the community to stand by his side.


Diego successfully made a difference in San Antonio and the people stood in his defense—the opposition was forced to drop the recall petition and leave Diego to continue making improvements in our city.

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