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A Case Study

Davis Law Firm

Rosenbaum Law Offices


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The Davis Law Firm recently acquired Rosenbaum Bankruptcy Law Offices and needed to bring the brand up to the renowned Jeff Davis level. We wiped the website clean and started from scratch, producing a modern, sophisticated, responsive website speaking to people in financial trouble. The emotive imagery and captivating headlines target pain points for people facing bankruptcy. The newly built website increased search rankings off the bat and our continuous blog writing will push the site further to the top.


Clean content areas, direct contact forms, and a large, engaging banner focusing on the main issues for people in financial trouble.


We incorporated calls-to-action for specific problems and direct the user to get help from the firm now. We wanted to make the design simple and straightforward, leaving users with one clear purpose or course of action: contact the firm.


The user can easily navigate between different Bankruptcy areas of practice and find the issue they’re dealing with to learn more.


We opted for clean content and clearly highlighted focal points, indicating important areas of content with pull-quotes and internal linking.

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