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A Case Study


Leadership Development


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BusinessMinded is an online leadership training and development system specifically tailored for HR professionals. Düable has worked closely with the BusinessMinded brand since its inception; we played a strong role in the market research, naming and branding, created the entire web application and have continued to design, develop and market for the brand over the last four years. 



After extensive market research and arriving at a name, we created a corporate, clean brand for BusinessMinded, while indicating the learning element of the product.


This membership-based product requires a different experience for logged-in and logged-out users. We needed to explain what the subscriber would be getting, how it would benefit them in their career, and showcase some of the latest tools and offerings in order to entice the reader to sign up.


The homepage clearly lists the main components of the product and who it’s for while showing the versatility and ability to take it anywhere.


The custom membership platform allows users to create an account through the website or to sign up and sign in with LinkedIn. Due to the product’s focus on the business industry, we opted for LinkedIn as the social network option for login.


The main goal of the brand is to attract and retain enterprise-level accounts from corporate clients. The Corporate Solutions page acts as a landing page for high-level targets and is one of the more engaging pages on the site. This section focuses on custom solutions for individual organizations.


Here we are presenting the three main products offered by BusinessMinded, which are all included with a corporate subscription.


One of the most important strategic partnerships BusinessMinded has attained is their relationship with the Society for Human Resource Management. We created this standalone landing page specifically for SHRM members, offering a free “lite” package with the opportunity to upgrade. This package provides 5 monthly leadership briefs, and our email marketing campaign reminds them every month to upgrade!


Düable created BusinessMinded’s social media accounts in 2012 and have been actively running them since. Branded graphic posts drive engagement, likes and shares, expanding their reach daily.


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