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A Case Study


City Base

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Brooks City Base recently completed a major overhaul of the overall look of their brand. The next step was to figure out how to convey the dynamic nature of their organization and what they do for our community. The main tool for that communication is a website, and they brought Düable on to help organize the messaging and bring order and style to their online real estate.


The main issues with Brooks City Base’s previous site was the poor user flow and confusing communication about the organization’s purpose, as well as its static nature.


To combat that, we divided the site to target the three main visiting user types: people interested in developing and investing in Brooks, the people who live, work, learn and play at Brooks, and the vendors interested in bidding on work opportunities provided by Brooks’ vast districts.


The homepage offers a glimpse into each section, explaining what they will find and providing links to the related sub-pages, all in a responsive, photo-based design.


Once you arrive at one of the three main sections, you’re greeted with the respective options available while an ever-present navigation menu is visible on the left side of the page.


The design is modern and rich with photographs from Brooks City Base’s wealth of property and landmarks. Interactive touches keep you clicking and showcase the lively and active nature of the Brooks community.

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