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A Case Study

Big Red Dog


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Big Red Dog is an award-winning, incredibly fast growing engineering and consulting firm in Texas. With offices in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and Houston, they have worked with huge brand names on projects ranging from mixed-use, multi-family, and commercial developments.

Reverse Engineering a Website

Homepage Before Our Redesign

We were brought on board to provide a full website makeover for Big Red Dog. They had quickly outgrown their current WordPress theme, and were struggling to make it work.

Projects Page Before Redesign

Their main priority was to show off all the amazing work they had completed in a way that would attract and impress future clients.

We were more than excited to take on the task.

Our first order of business was to understand their audience. Although their blog is extremely popular in their industry, our primary focus was speaking to potential clients and qualified potential employees.  We quickly decided that aerial footage of their projects would be a tremendous asset.

Making Our Plans A Reality

Homepage After Redesign

Potential clients visiting the site already know who Big Red Dog is, and where they are located from the bids they put out.  With that in mind, we simplified the initial messaging to their primary tagline: “We’ve Done This Before.”  Paired with video proof of their expertise, the landing page is built to impress even the most skeptical buyer.

Projects Page After Redesign

Keeping with the “go big or go home” approach we had taken so far, we decided to engulf users within a portfolio of beautiful photos and videos of projects Big Red Dog had completed.  Scrolling through the page leaves users wanting more, and clicking on an individual project delivers the same satisfaction.  Users are met with a fullscreen video or slideshow gallery for each project, and specs that will satisfy architects and engineers alike.

Final Product

We’ve received nothing but positive feedback about the layout, user experience, and overall impact of the website redesign.  It was a pleasure working with the leadership of Big Red Dog, and we hope their new site leads to continued growth in their sector.

Visit http://bigreddog.com.

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